Sunday, August 5, 2007

Best of the SEC Blogs, Late Sunday Edition

As football season really begins to ramp up, so do the SEC football rivalries. As we all well know, these rivalries are by no means confined to the gridiron -- blog pundits also get into very entertaining dustups, and it is therefore fitting that we turn first to perhaps the oldest and most intense rivalry in the SEC, Georgia and Auburn.

Kyle King of Dawg Sports made this post a few days ago, gloating a bit over the fact that Auburn University was among the 40 schools either subpoenaed or contacted by the New York Attorney General over alleged kickbacks from a company called University Financial Services.

Well, Jerry Hinnen at Joe Cribs Car Wash has noted Kyle's comments, and takes him to task quite convincingly. Kyle, in a post today, responds to Jerry's response respectfully but with his own set of valid points. All in all, excellent rivalry rejoinder of the highest quality, and a credit to both bloggers both for their wit and aplomb.

Some other excellence from the SEC blogs today: