Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some administrative items

I have discovered that several readers use and enjoy the newsfeed box to the right. I have been doing a lousy job of keeping that thing updated lately, but that is going to change.

Going forward, my plan for this feature is this:

  • Early AM update (except weekends, when I get my beauty sleep) with news from the main stream media sources and off the wires.

  • After I select the stories, I will be picking the ones I think are the most interesting and moving them to the top of the listing. I will only do this once - after that, stories will pretty much be listed in chronological order.

  • In the afternoon or early evening, I will switch to stories from SEC bloggers and other select blogs that contain SEC or other interesting sports-related content.
I am also planning a few more convenience features for the site, and will be announcing them as I get a chance to implement them.

Finally, I would like to take a second to thank my readers. This site was created primarily as an experiment. I wanted to see how fast and how well I could grow a blog from dead scratch. It has been interesting and instructive, and along the way I have kind of fallen in love with both the subject matter and the multitude of other outstanding bloggers out there in SEC land. I had no idea coming in that the SEC would be so well and capably represented in the blogosphere.

So to them and those who take the time to read my drivel, thank you.