Friday, January 25, 2008

Have you missed me?

Have you missed me? Yes, I have been absent from the blogging world for a while now. That's life, and I'm living it.

But I'm back, and its time for more trips around the world of SEC blogs. So here we go:

Phillip Fulmer's recent crack-down on murder, mayhem, rape, pillage and general lawlessness by Tennessee football players in and around the Knoxville area is getting lots of attention. He's decided to take the Coach Herman Boone approach:

"We will be perfect in every aspect of the game. You drop a pass, you run a mile. You miss a blocking assignment, you run a mile. You fumble the football, and i will break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts and then you will run a mile. Perfection. Let's go to work."
Get arrested? Run a mile -- at 6:00 am. Nice work, coach. Fanhouse says that Fulmer has vowed to lose the Fulmer Cup at long last. This has to be good news for Vol fans, especially the victims of the rampage in Knoxville. I hear property values in the Knoxville area are already moving up.

But lest you think we're done with Fulmer and Tennessee, I would be remiss if I failed to point you to this humorous little romp by Lawvol at Gate 21, who says that Tennessee has added a new "Techniques Coordinator" to motivate the soon-to-be law-abiding volunteers:
My job here at Tennessee will be to turn the Vols into some cold-blooded, hard-hittin’, bad asses. My mantra is simple: Mess with me, and I’ll kill your ass.” said Winnfield while brandishing a 9mm pistol.
Heh. Maybe the Vols should just "lawyer up" now.

The Ol' Ball Coach is having lots of fun and games over at South Carolina. He hires a defensive coordinator, who then leaves to go back to the Falcons from whence he came. Garnet and Black Attack has makes fun of the details:
Falcons owner Arthur Blank said he had no hesitancy about taking two DCs from Spurrier on the same day after his experiences with Michael Vick, Petrino and Bill Parcells.

"If you can't beat the back-stabbing slimeballs, join them," said Blank, shrugging.


In basketball news, the unranked (I'm getting really tired of typing that) Kentucky Wildcats sent the newly #3 ranked Tennessee Volunteers home with a knot on their collective heads Tuesday, and Vol fans are handling the loss with remarkable aplomb. Lawvol at Gate 21 has thoughts:

It sucks to lose to Kentucky, especially when you had the ability to beat them, but sometimes the game just doesn’t go the way you want it to. That’s what playing in the SEC — whether it be in basketball, football, or any other sport — is all about … Every game matters, and every team can beat you.
Very true. Tennessee played hard, Kentucky just played harder and the home crowd helped a lot. Third Saturday in Blogtober says that Rupp Arena is still Rupp Arena, no matter how bad the Cats are:
The Vols got handed their second loss of the season last night at Rupp Arena. Kentucky played a good hard fought game, and capitalized on an off night for the Vols to pull the upset. That may be the one thing that amazes me the most about this loss, we didn’t have one player have a good game, and we still nearly pulled it out at the end. Its kind of hard for me to get mad at a loss like this, because at least now we have improved to the point that it is possible to be upset by Kentucky at their place.