Monday, December 24, 2007

Giving back to my friends in the Blogosphere

From time to time, I like to check to find out who is linking me. The links are often a bit slow to appear, and I really don't get around to checking it that often.

First of all, Razorbloggers responded to my rant about Bobby Petrino a couple of weeks back:

Razorback fans need to understand…Petrino is a hired gun…and a good one. His job is to win football games and graduate student athletes. He isn’t a cheerleader. He won’t direct the band after a win. And he probably won’t score big points on the Razorback Club circuit.
What I am glad to see is that Razorback fans are looking at this situation in the right way. I do have concerns about what will be left of the program when Petrino leaves, but Razorbloggers seems to be looking at this with a sense of reality. No matter the low regard I hold for the man, the fact is that he is a good coach, a "good gun," as RB puts it. I can't argue with his reasoning, and wish the Hogs the best.

I also received a link from the Capstone Report for the same story, which I appreciate. Also, NCAA Hoops Today, a blog I have read for a long time, discovers us:
We just discovered a new SEC blog called Best of SEC, think of it as the Sportscenter of SEC blogs. There you'll find all sorts of coverage of the weekend games from a variety of blogging sources!
I'm not sure I can live up to that, but as we transition from football to basketball, there will be a lot more to cover. Football has the advantage of a long time between games, but basketball is fast and furious, and not only on the court.

So to all who have linked me lately, thank you. I appreciate your visit, and I look forward to navigating the world of sports with your help.