Saturday, January 26, 2008

22 players from the SEC in the Senior Bowl

As an SEC blogger, I try not to trumpet the accomplishments of my home team, UK, very often. I promised when I started this blog that it would not be UK-centric, and I think I have lived up to that commitment.

However, Kentucky is well known not to have near the football tradition of most other SEC schools, and LSU is no exception. But this year, thanks to one of Kentucky's most outstanding senior classes in many decades, they turn out to have as many players in the Senior Bowl as the national champs, four for each.

On the South squad, the SEC dominates, having no less than 22 out of 52 players from SEC schools on its roster. The breakdown looks like this:

School Players
Kentucky 4
Alabama 3
Auburn 2
South Carolina
Arkansas 3
Vanderbilt 1
Ole Miss
Georgia 1
Florida 1
Tennessee 2
Total 22

According to this article, the SEC is not only leading in number of players, but in smack talk. Well, I think they may have earned the right to talk a little smack, anyway.

Congratulations to all the SEC schools for their outstanding participation in the Senior Bowl this year, and good luck to all involved.