Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sad news for the SEC

Sad news today for all SEC fans. Steve Spurrier's mother has apparently passed away. Marjorie Spurrier was 86 years young. Sometimes, tough years just get tougher.

I lost my mother only last year, and I know how it feels. Whether we are close to our mother or not, there is an emotion that is ... deep in the race, and hits very hard when we lose the face we first saw from our cradle. My sincerest sympathy and best wishes go out to Coach Spurrier and his family. There are no words that will soothe such a loss. The impact of losing a mother cannot be mitigated or softened by the fact of its inevitability.

God bless you and yours, Coach, and may He comfort you with His presence in this difficult time, and ease the burden of your sadness.


Unknown said...

Can't catch a break...good luck to him, his family, and the Gamecock community.