Friday, October 5, 2007

Best of the SEC: Thursday and Friday all wrapped into one.

I just had too much going on this week to get to the blog yesterday, so naturally, I suck. But when it comes to making $$ or blogging, well, it's not that tough a choice. But here we go for "Make up" Friday.

Seems there was a pretty big game last night in Columbia, and my Kentucky Wildcats got beat by the South Carolina Gamecocks. Yeah, the Cats turned the ball over, but that's part of football. Let's see what the blogs have to say about it:

Memphis Tider thinks order has been restored to the universe:

Ahhh yes. Kentucky is, and always will be, Kentucky. Look for them to just get absolutely lit up at home next week by LSU, who dismantled South Carolina, who dismantled Kentucky.

Andre Woodson definitely looked human. Say bye-bye to the Heisman, sir.
I personally think he's just happy the Tide won't be playing the Wildcats this year.

Garnet and Black Attack explains the game, and gives five good reasons why the Gamecocks whipped the Wildcats -- Norwood, turnovers, and more. Go read it for the rest.
Matt Jones at Kentucky Sports Radio says this was a golden opportunity missed:
Sometimes big events end not with a bang, but a whimper. Last night's UK-South Carolina game got the masses hyped and ready for a big event that would be an exciting step in the continued upward mobility of Kentucky football. Instead, we were treated to a poor performance that left most wondering what might have been.
Mergz at Saurian Sagacity looks at the stats, and sees that Kentucky played a very competitive game, beating out South Carolina in many statistical areas. But not the one that counts, which is the score at the end of the game.

Thats enough about last night. Now, what about the big games this week? Diezba at Star and Stipe wonders if the media thinks there is an upset brewing in the Vanderbilt-Auburn game:
It's interesting to read through the coverage of the Auburn-Vanderbilt game today.

Everyone keeps saying, "Auburn had better be careful, or those pesky Commodores may try to pull an upset -- but don't worry, the Tigers will win."
I think this could definitely be called "damnation by faint praise".

Jerry Hinnen at The Joe Cribbs Car Wash thinks he knows what Auburn wants:
If you believe the rumors and rumblings, one plan calls to hire celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse to remake the Foy Student Union cafeteria into 'Emeril's BAM!-eteria.' Auburn wants students and staff will be able to watch Lagasse personally cook up all their favorite dishes, from pizza to country-fried steak to pizza, in a giant glass kitchen in the center of the complex.
Who knew they were into haute cuisine on the Plains?

Mlmintampa at Alligator Army says it's up to Urban Meyer to defeat the LSU Tigers:
This is the team we have and that isn't going to change. That's why the coaches are so important. Maybe since I'm only a year out of school, I have more sympathy for a college athlete than their coach. But last I checked, none of the players are getting $3.25 million a year. So those coaches have to put the players in a position to win. And so far in road games, they haven't done that.
Meanwhile, Henry Gomez at Saurian Sagacity claims that the Worldwide Leader is treading in Bill Clinton territory when it talks about the Gators beating a #1 ranked team. When Bill Clinton makes an appearance in a blog post, you know some parsing of words is going on.

Purple Reign of And The Valley Shook gives us some various takes from around the Internet on the Florida at LSU game. Meanwhile, LaLover at New Orleans Love thinks he knows 5 ways the Tigers can stop Tim Tebow. What's his advice? Well, you'll have to read the post to see them all, but one of them is "Blitz often". Surprised?