Monday, October 15, 2007

Now this is an outrage!

I just ran across this in a CSTV piece:

It's that kind of carnage that has opened the door for Ohio State, which has yet to play anyone of note and could go the rest of the season without facing a ranked opponent. In spite of that, it appears that the Buckeyes are the only team that controls its own destiny in the BCS. If Ohio State wins out and wins by the margins voters like, it will get another shot at winning the BCS title.
So help me, if that happens, I am done with college football until they fix this unacceptably broken system. In a perverse way, I almost hope it does, because the outrage from the SEC, Big East and probably a couple of other conferences will should be deafening.

College basketball teams get to the national championship mostly on merit. Only in the deranged world of college football can you get by solely on past performance, reputation and pre-season positioning. As you can see in the piece just below this one, mostly due to work done by others, this entire football-BCS arrangement is a gigantic fraud, and whether or not by design, the powers that stand to benefit the most from continuing this deception are the ones who would appear to benefit the most, and continue to support the BCS. I know, knock me over with a feather.

If SEC officials sit still for allowing Ohio State to stroll through a pathetically weak schedule (at least by national championship standards) to the national championship game without demanding meaningful change, well ... they should be ashamed of themselves. In fact, they should be ashamed for taking no action last year. People have been warning for years that just this sort of thing was possible with the BCS -- what will happen if it becomes a reality?

But lest that not convince you, consider this paragraph from later in the same CSTV article:
Note that I am not lumping Ohio State in with USF and BC in this scenario. Even though the Buckeyes may play the weakest schedule of the three, they are a college football blue blood. Ohio State could go undefeated and only play one opponent that was ranked at the time it played them, and that is Purdue, which was No. 20 when it faced the Buckeyes on Oct. 6. Of its remaining five opponents, only Michigan is currently ranked in either BCS poll (No. 25 in Harris).

Oh. Well. That makes it all right then. We can't be worrying about such trivialities as schedule strength and merit when we are talking about royalty, now can we? I say, why wait? Let's just declare the "bluebloods" the only eligible teams, pat the "serfs" and "peasants" on their pointy little 2-star heads and send them to the Astro-Bluebonnet-Chick-Fil-A-Frito-Tostito bowl, and turn our attention to more important things. No way those lesser teams deserve a shot at the title. Fugghitaboudit.

The BCS is about (God willing) to be exposed for the incredible farce it truly is. The really sad thing is that we all fell for it for so long, as if we can't go futzing with the all-important pursuit of lucré such as TV contracts and what not. Noooo, buddy! We have already sacrificed the integrity of the game on the altar of expedience once. What matter if we send it's head rolling down the guillotine one more time, even if the victim is already as stiff as Houston Nutt after a text message?


Joe Blow said...

As an Auburn fan, I know what it feels like to see my team get snubbed in favor of "blue blood" teams. Excellent read!

BestofSEC said...

Yeah, you guys really have a beef after 2004.

Frankly, if USF wins out, they unquestionably have the strength of schedule to deserve to be in the national championship game.

"Bluebloods", my eye.

Thanks for coming by and commenting.

Jim said...

You're right. The BCS should be ashamed of letting Ohio State into the BCS Championship last year. I mean what did they actually do to prove that they deserved to be there.

Sure, they beat Texas ranked #2 at the time. And yeah, they beat a #2 ranked Michigan. They were one of the only teams in the history of college football to face three #2 ranked teams in one season.

Yeah, the BCS should be ashamed of themselves.

Oh, and after winning that titanic clash, we want you to take a couple of months off and play in the National championship.

The only flaw is that Florida has been deceived into thinking they were that great a football team. God forbid, Ohio State didn't beat three #2 teams. Something nobody has ever done in college football. Not even your beloved SEC teams.

And I'm sure that LSU's loss to Kentucky is due only to the strength of the SEC. Or maybe the downward spiral of Florida this year.. sure, must be that tough schedule.

Maybe what we do is set up a new system in which the SEC gets an automatic spot in the national championship game. We can let Notre Dame and USC duke it out for the other spot.

Get off you're high horse SEC. Win your football games and you can go to the BCS Championship.

Ohio State doesn't go to the BCS because they are "blue bloods." They go because they go undefeated in the regular season.

And please, let the Buckeyes play your best. There is nothing we want more than a shot at redemption. You won't see a mistake like that twice. Hell, we'll even let LSU have the home team advantage.

BestofSEC said...

First off: If you live or are from Annapolis, as your name suggests, that is a great town. I just got back from there about 6 weeks ago, and had a blast.

To your point, I'm not really mad at the people in the BCS -- they are doing the best they can. I just don't like the system, because, to be honest, too much faith and credit is given to teams like OSU and, for that matter, LSU, who are able to trade on their historical success.

Alternatively, if you just bless off the nearest undefeated like Hawai'i, Boston College or Kansas, that would be a problem also.

Bottom line -- we have to give teams someplace other than the regular season against known quality competition to prove themselves.

If OSU gets to the national championship playing the schedule they have played, it's fine with me, because I want to see the BCS fall under heavy criticism, which it undoubtedly will. OSU has played a weak schedule, arguably weaker than any other team with a shot at the BCS championship.

I could only pray that OSU winds up against a real team like LSU, Oregon, or West Virginia and gets pounded 50-10 or something. That would expose the BCS as the fraud we all know it is.

Finally, this is my damn blog and if I want to get on a high horse and bitch about the BCS, I will. Beat a real football team, OSU, and maybe you will earn some respect that you obviously lack not only from me, but from virtually everyone.

We can agree about one thing -- I would love for OSU to get a shot at redemption. That way, we could discover whether they are really as fraudulent as everyone thinks they are. But its more likely that we will never know thanks to the BCS.

Unknown said...
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The Love Collective said...

Let's let it play out, gang. OSU prolly won't get past Michigan. And even it does, it may well face an SEC team (LSU) for the second consecutive year, and they'll get thrashed again. If LSU doesn't make it, then I'm pretty sure Kansas could whip OSU's tuna, they way they're playing right now. Either way, OSU does not see a championship trophy.