Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday: Best of the SEC blogs part II

In part I we looked at Kentucky at South Carolina and Florida at LSU. So now, we'll have a look at the other two big games of this weekend, Georgia at Tennessee and Vanderbilt at Auburn.

Quinton McDawg thinks that Neyland Stadium in Knoxville isn't quite as scary this year, despite the 102,037 screaming orange maniacs likely to be there this weekend. He also wonders about Vol attire:

Neyland does still deserve a couple of accolades. It is still home to the largest concentration of orange track suits on the planet. Why do Vol fans so adore orange track suits? Is it because Phil wears one to, uh, conceal things?

RustyTanton at Rocky Top Talk notes that Mark Richt has never lost in Neyland, and thinks that if LaMarcus Coker can get going, things might turn around. He also quotes Orson Swindle of EDSBS:
Tennessee's defense has been a "polite audience" for opposing offenses this year (h/t Orson Swindle for that phrase).

Diezba writing for Star and Stripe notes that Vanderbilt is getting noticed for its defense, second in the SEC overall. He realizes that Auburn is a "huge test" for the 'Dores on the Plains this weekend, but he just isn't sure Auburn is really better than Vanderbilt. the 'Dores biggest test so far this year. He may be right, we shall see.

Meanwhile, Jay Coulter of Track Em Tigers sees danger this weekend coming off the huge upset of the Gators, and notes that Tommy Tubberville is concerned as well. Injuries to key players and some other factors are conspiring to make the Plainsmen nervous, and Earl Bennett of Vandy is a big reason as well.


Diezba said...

That's not exactly what I said. I didn't say I wasn't sure if Auburn was really better than Vanderbilt; I was trying to argue that I didn't necessarily agree that Auburn was our "biggest test" of the season thus far. In other words, I don't Alabama is as bad as they looked against FSU, nor do I think Auburn is as good as they looked against UF.

My thoughts on the Auburn game are up, though, so take a look.

BestofSEC said...

Apologies for that. I fixed my misreading.