Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday: Best of the SEC blogs part I

So let's see. We have #8 Kentucky vs. #11 South Carolina on Thursday, we have #1 LSU vs. #9 Florida on Saturday in Death Valley, we have #12 Georgia at Tennessee, and Vandy at Auburn. These are the big games this week. The rest of the conference is out of the conference against unranked teams.

I'll handle the first two now, and the last two later.

Chuck at TheCoolChicken says that he is very impressed with Kentucky and doesn't take this game lightly, but still cannot believe that UK vs. USC is a big game. It's understandable given Kentucky's *ahem* rather pedestrian history in the SEC. TCC picks the Gamecocks in a close one.

Shawn Bridwell at Kentucky Sports Radio takes an in-depth look at the Gamecock's defense, and notes that a rugged defense like USC has shown is not something the Ol' Ball Coach has been noted for in the past. He think's UK will win because of their balance. I think he might be right.

LaLover at New Orleans Love looks at why the Gators lost to Auburn last Saturday, and he thinks it was Flordia OC Dan Mullen's stomach, namely an appendectomy he had just prior to Saturday's game. LaLover notes that Mullen is a tough guy, but I have to agree, this is way above and beyond the call -- of sanity, that is.

Mergz at Saurian Sagacity says he was to blame for the Florida loss to the Tigers, and asks the Gator Nation for forgiveness.