Friday, September 14, 2007

Best of the SEC: Big Game Reax

I kind of laid down on previewing these games. I am on the road right now on a mini-vacation, and as a result, updating blogs hasn't exactly been on the top of my list of things to do. But today, I shall get that job done.

I want to look a the results of the big games I identified in my earlier post:

  1. Arkansas at Alabama -- Two undefeated teams with a lot to prove, and Alabama proved they are, well, improved. Taking down Arkansas on the road is a signal to the rest of the SEC that 'Bama is back.
  2. Tennessee at Florida -- Another rivalry, with the SEC East likely on the line. Florida dispatched Tennessee rudely with what looks like the most powerful offense in the SEC.
  3. MSU at Auburn -- Why is this a big game? Because the Tigers are on their heels after last week's loss to USF, and we have seen (Michigan, anyone?) what a big upset can do to a team with a fragile psyche. Now, we know that Auburn is either truly weak or truly in shock, and I am leaning toward the former.
  4. Louisville at Kentucky -- The honor of the SEC is on the line, and it is in the hands of ... er ... well, OK, the Wildcats. But they acquitted themselves well, dispatching the #9 team in the land in style. Bourbon distillers around the Commonwealth have noted a major spike in sales due to the celebration, which is still going on in the Bluegrass.
Here are some of the comments from the fans of the principles:

  • The Capstone Report: "The Arkansas game continued to show Alabama has weaknesses. But football is about overcoming weakness."
  • Glen Dean, Glen's Rebel Sports Blog: "Man it's good to finally have a real coach at Alabama."
  • Newspaper Hack, Journalism is for Rockstars: "Right now, I’m still coming to grips with what I believed at the time was an eight-hour long alcohol-induced hallucinogenic frenzy"
  • The Tide Druid: "I have also come to a conclusion about McFadden: You don’t try to stop McFadden. You try to survive McFadden."
  • Stephen at Razorback Expats: "All of which is not to say that I’m looking forward to watching a replay of the game anytime soon - just that the authorities now are allowing me to be around sharp objects and to put the laces back into my shoes."
  • Tipster Hog, Razorbloggers: "Picking up an Alabama offensive lineman’s helmet and hitting his unprotected head with it? What the heck was he thinking?"
  • Jon, Fulmer's Belly: "It has come to pass that we are behind the ball in terms of innovation and ability. With the types of athletes that we have, we shouldn’t be allowing 39 points let alone losing by 39 points."
  • Jai Eugene, Loser with Socks: "How does a fine Christian young man handle adversity? He blames others."
  • Joel, Rocky Top Talk: "Well, how was your weekend? Not good, huh? We look forward to football season in general, and the Florida game in particular, for nine months, only to find ourselves relegated to a place called Dishumiliarrassment after only the third game of the season. It's postivively debilitating."
  • Doug Coffin, The Power T: "Like there is ANY question on what the outcome of this evaluation will be? Gotta fight through the pain to keep the blog rolling. Maybe we'll get some attention."
  • Mlmintampa, Alligator Army: "I was in section 35, row 74 on the student side. At halftime, the nearest concession stand ran out of bottled water and Gatorade. HOW THE HELL DO YOU RUN OUT OF GATORADE? WE INVENTED GATORADE! It's like running out of milk at a dairy farm."
  • GatorPilot, Orange and Blue Hue: "Sometimes it’s really fun grading out your team. Sometimes it’s painful. Needless to say, this is a fun one… if you’re a Gator fan."
  • Gregg Ellis: "What a win. Where do you rank this among Croom's wins?"
  • Will Collier, From The Bleachers: "I'm quite happy to give State credit for the win. For all the abuse he's received (much of it deserved), Sylvester Croom has succeeded in at least one crucial respect: he's taught his team not to give up."
  • Jerry Hennin, Joe Cribbs Car Wash: "I'm not usually one of the "All we have to do is defeat 'Bama, and it's a great year" types. But honestly? This year, at the JCCW, given all that's happened both over there and on the Plains and how both programs are (completely justifiably) being seen right now, every game between now and the Iron Bowl is practice for that game."
  • Mike, Card Chronicle: "What can you say? If you don't know how to line up for a quarterback sneak on the goalline, you probably don't deserve to win."
  • Tre Pryor, More than Derby: " It’s kind of tough to believe. Kentucky actually won a big football game."
  • Rob Gidel, Kentucky Sports Radio: "I'll nit-pick on some coaching decisions later in the week, but I was generally disappointed in the officiating. For whatever reason, Kentucky cannot get an officiating crew that understands the general concept of common sense."
That's it for now.