Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Week 4 Round-up

Today, we'll be tripping around the SEC blogosphere looking at random bits and points of interest. Well, I'm sure they will be interesting to somebody.

Anyway, here we go:

The Heisman Pundit says there are only six people left who can "actually win the Heisman". Note to Kentucky fans -- André Woodson is not among them.

College Football Resource has its weekly pundit roundup out today, not to be missed.

Barkley vs. Bavetta talks what we know about the SEC after Week 4. Here's a sample:

What we know: Fulmer has been accused of being a bad coach despite his Championship run in '98 which is the only national championship since the days of the General.
What we don't know: How the fans can be so upset at losing to two fantastic teams in Cal and Florida
What we don't want to know: Fat Phil fired. He is SO easy to make fun of.
WarBlogle looks at Week 4 in review, and has little to say about teams other than Auburn other than a heart-felt "Thank you, Georgia".

Outside the Sidelines at Roll 'Bama Roll gives us his thoughts about the SEC after week 4.

The Prine Report reviews it's week four picks, and notes that Kentucky and Auburn have been responsible for a lot of their errors:
Wow, so far this year we have predicted 30 of 35 games correctly. Of the five incorrect predictions, overestimating AU and underestimating Kentucky account for four.
The Joker Report also has a week 4 roundup, including the best and worst (read: Louisville) of not just the SEC, but the rest of college football.

I have a few observations post Week 4 myself:
  • Can Tim Tebow continue to provide 70% of Florida's total offense? Hello, could this be a problem if he's injured?
  • How long before the Wildcats don't get all the way back?
  • Can Auburn score more than 25 points against an SEC team?
  • Is Mississippi State a sleeper, or just asleep?
  • Tennessee's defense is ranked below Louisville's. Can Fulmer's nightmare get any worse?
  • Alabama's defense is 67th at home, 4th on the road.
  • South Carolina and Auburn's offenses are 79th and 90th respectively. If these two play, it will be to a scoreless tie. They may set the record for overtimes.
  • Don't laugh, Commodores -- your offense is worse than South Carolina's, and only somewhat better than Auburn's.
  • Mississippi State's offense is the worst in the SEC (102nd) by a large margin, yet they are 3-1.
  • Georgia's offense ranks behind Ole Miss.
  • Offense in the SEC sucks period, outside of Kentucky, Florida, LSU and Alabama.
  • LSU's defense is that tree that reaches in and eats the kid in the movie Poltergeist. Scary ....


Philip, the Equal Opportunity Cynic said...

# Alabama's defense is 67th at home, 4th on the road.

Playing Vanderbilt with a hobbled Nickson and Bennett in your sole road game will do that for you.

BestofSEC said...

That's true.

To be fair to everyone, it is only week four and the data can be sorely impacted by only one game.

Joe Blow said...

Note to Kentucky fans -- André Woodson is not among them.

If Kentucky extends its winning streak to 6, which would be the first time UK has been 6-0 since Bryant was coach (seriously), I think Woodson will start getting nods (he should anyway!). Here's another tidbit for you...the last time UK was 5-0 was when Claiborne was at the helm during the '84 season. They should be able to obtain the 5-0 mark this weekend. Reaching 6-0 against USC might prove a little more difficult.

"Offense in the SEC sucks period, outside of Kentucky, Florida, LSU and Alabama."

Here's an article you may find interesting: Defense? What defense? SEC offenses racking up the points"

BestofSEC said...

I think you're right about Woodson, although Heisman Pundit has written him off as a serious contender. But that could change, as you say, if Kentucky somehow goes 6-0. Then, the buzz would be undeniable.

I read that article you linked. In fact, I linked it on this blog right here. But the thing that gets me is that about four or five teams seem to be solely responsible for the increase in point production.

Joe Blow said...

I knew I saw it linked somewhere. I couldn't remember where, though. Sorry about that.

You forgot Arkansas, which actually has more YPG than LSU and Bama, and more PPG than Bama. UT isn't far behind Bama in both categories.

Also, looking at this years average so far vs. last years total average, there's only one team in the SEC scoring less PPG (USC).

So yeah, 6 out of 12 really isn't bad considering the conference. We still have two top ten teams in regards to scoring defense, LSU and USC. After that? UGA is 21st. That's just...weird to me.

BestofSEC said...

You have a good point. Yeah, I did somehow overlook Arkansas, God knows how since we just played them. I overlooked UT because of their general suckage against anyone but weak opponents, but that's probably not fair.

I actually think Tennessee will get better -- for another week or so. Then, I am abandoning them as most people already have.