Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The weekend in review

Today, we'll be looking at last weeks games in the rear-view mirror, and taking a bit of a look ahead to next week's games.

First up, Vanderbilt. Earl Bennett set a Vanderbilt school record receiving this weekend against the Richmond Spiders -- or did he? Seems there is some confusion about that, and Mark at Star & Stripe tries to clear it up.

The University of Kentucky Wildcats, another traditional SEC football cellar-dweller, had a big win over FCS Eastern Kentucky University. Despite the weak opponent, Messenger at Wildcats Thunder says so far, so good, and sees improvement in both the UK running game and its defense. The Wildcat Blog compares his predictions on the game outcome to reality, and nominates some players for special recognition. Rob Gidel at Kentucky Sports Radio agrees with TWCB that the defense was much improved, and explains why the offensive line has changed very much for the better.

The South Carolina Gamecocks didn't exactly impress anyone with their efforts this weekend, but Scott Hood at Gamecock Central says it just don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing for an opener. Meanwhile, cocknfire at Garnet and Black Attack has the results of the SEC Power Poll. There are no real surprises, but I feel like Florida lost some ground to Georgia overall. Tennessee took a big hit, but not as big as most might think.

Will Collier at From the Bleachers was seriously impressed with Kansas State, and not so much with Auburn's offense. Track Em Tigers gives us an Auburn injury report, and also tells us that Auburn's win over K-State paid off on the recruiting trail.

LSUPhootball gives us a run down of the good, the bad, and the ugly of LSU's game against Mississippi State, and he doesn't mention Henig's day in "the ugly", although it surely was the uglies thing most of us have seen in a while. Finally, Richard Pittman at Geaux Tuscaloosa looks at next week's games. He says that Alabama at Vanderbilt, to him, is "the most anticipated game of the early schedule." How long has it been since "anticipated" and "Vanderbilt" have been used in the football context?


Ludakit said...

For years people thought I was crazy that I have feared Vanderbilt, however they are the kind of program that wins because they want to and not because they have to.

I've always thought that with that attitude and the right coach to focus it, they would be capable of ruining someone's season.

As long as it's Florida, UT, USC, or UK, I'm absolutely fine with that.

BestofSEC said...

That's a very good point. Given that Vanderbilt has no athletic department, it is truly amazing how good they are. And not just at football, either -- they are always tough at baseball -- nationally ranked in the last several years, and we all know what they can sometimes do in basketball.

I think your fears are well-founded.

Diezba said...

You know, I might take the guys at The Auburner a little more seriously if he'd taken the five seconds to look up how Bobby Johnson had actually been the Head Coach at Vanderbilt before he made his asinine remark. Bobby was at Furman in 2000 and in 2001 -- believe me, I remember, because 2001 football was my freshman year at VU -- the last year of Woodyball, when Woody Widenhofer was still head coach on West End. Bobby's been here since spring of 2002, and his seasons look thus:

2002 2-10
2003 2-10
2004 2-10
2005 5-6
2006 4-8
2007 ?-?

Frankly, I think he's done a pretty great job since he started working with his own players: in 2005, we had road wins at Wake, at Arkansas, and at Tennessee; last year, we enjoyed a road win over Georgia at homecoming, in what was supposed to be a return to our "normal" 2-10 status.

Tell the Auburn people to be patient: in his sixth year as head coach, Johnson will take Vanderbilt bowling.

BestofSEC said...

As a Kentucky fan, I think I can speak with some authority when I say that the football powers in the SEC, like Auburn and Alabama, will give neither of our teams any respect this year or any other unless we beat them.

You guys get a chance at 'Bama this weekend at home, in Saban's first year. There will never be a better chance than this for some time to come. You wanna get Auburn's attention? Stick it to Alabama on Saturday. Trust me, you'll get the attention -- if not necessarily the respect -- of everyone in the league.