Thursday, September 13, 2007

Best of the SEC: Big games for Saturday

Today, we'll be looking at SEC bloggers takes on the big games of this Saturday around the conference. I have identified these games as follows:

  1. Arkansas at Alabama -- Two undefeated teams with a lot to prove -- Saban that he can make a quick turnaround, and Arkansas that they really, truly are the class of the West after LSU.
  2. Tennessee at Florida -- Another rivalry, with the SEC East likely on the line. I'm still not sold on South Carolina, so the winner of this is a likely favorite to take the East.
  3. MSU at Auburn -- Why is this a big game? Because the Tigers are on their heels after last week's loss to USF, and we have seen (Michigan, anyone?) what a big upset can do to a team with a fragile psyche. Is Auburn such a team?
  4. Louisville at Kentucky -- The honor of the SEC is on the line, and it is in the hands of ... er ... well, OK, the Wildcats. This is a grudge match, folks, and the bad blood runneth thick and hot.
I'll take one and two today, three and four tomorrow.

Beginning with Alabama The Capstone Report looks at the weather forecast for the 'Bama/Hogs matchup, and doesn't like it. Hurricane football, anyone? Memphis Tider provides a link dump of Alabama/Arkansas stuff, and even throws in some Mississippi State controversy starring Jackie Sherrill. Todd at Roll 'Bama Roll keeps on rolling, and consorts with the enemy, AKA Hog Blogger.

Arkbear at the Hawg Blawg says that the Alabama game "means everything to the Razorbacks." Razorback Expats gives us five reasons to hate Alabama, and good Lord, what a picture he has there. The Hog Blogger revisits the Razorbacks' triumph over 'Bama last year. Finally, the Hog Source gives us links to all sorts of pundits picking the game. Looks like a toss-up to me.

Time to move on to the Volunteers. From Loser with Socks' Jai Eugene, we have a picture perfect rivalry post. Lots of jorts. Lots of Tebow. Timeless Gator hate. This is what a rivalry should be. Doug Coffin of The Power T responds to EDSBS's Orson Swindle (more fun with him later) and includes some contractually required loathing and invective. All in good fun, of course. Then we have the Vol side of the Saurian Sagacity blogswap, with Mergz of Saurian Sagacity providing the love -- of Gators. Finally, Voluminous provides some jokes at the expense of Florida. Some are old, but some are funny.

So now, to the Florida side of the debate. Mimintampa at Alligator Army says that the Volunteer fans are coming for Florida's women. GatorPilot of Orange and Blue Hue takes a look at UT/UF history, and points out a large disparity in Florida's favor. Mergz at Saurian Sagacity demonstrates why Vol hatred is required of every true Gator fan.

But the post of the day (maybe the year) comes from Orson Swindle of EDSBS and Holly from Ladies... Folks, this is what a rivalry should be, and I can only marvel at how damn funny this post is. Enjoy.


Kurt said...

Never thought I'd see the day where MSU had a better record than Auburn after a win on the Plains. AWESOME!

BestofSEC said...

Truly. I am still in a bit of shock over that one.