Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Best of the SEC: Tuesday Night Blogging

Last Saturday was as exciting and significant as any third week I can remember in college football in a while, particularly in the SEC. I want to look at a few broad themes tonight, and see what SEC bloggers have to say about them.

Big East:

  • 22. Louisville: Not particularly good, but as long as Brohm stays healthy, they'll still probably win nine or ten games in the extremely weak Big East. -- Todd at Roll 'Bama Roll
  • Credit goes to the Smurf Nation for taking out Louisville, but the Big East is still lame and Kentucky has sucked for so long, the Wildcats will have to keep winning to make me a believer. -- Newspaper Hack, Journalism is for Rockstars
  • Rich Brooks just climbed the aggro-krag! They brought some SEC pride back in beating one of the best teams in the Big East. -- The Tide Druid
  • Wins over Oregon State and at Miami (Ohio) got the [Cincinnati Bear]'Cats into the top 20, but it will take better victories against Big East foes to keep them there. -- Kyle King, Dawg Sports
Auburn's two losses in a row:
  • Sabanoia is flowing like water in Auburn. As a result, Jester is trying to figure out how to blame Nick Saban's arrival for his team's complete collapse. -- St. Nick, The Football Diary of Nick Saban
  • For five years Auburn had the run of the state. How long did it take to undo that half-decade of dominance? Three weeks. Six football games. -- Moggy, Alabama Game Day
  • 11. Auburn. Seven turnovers in a three-quarter span, if you were keeping track at home. Five defensive starters out. And like that object in the rearview, New Mexico St. is closer to Auburn's quality than they appear. Things could, amazingly, still get worse before they get better. -- Jerry Hinnen, Joe Cribbs Car Wash
  • Now that Auburn has faced extreme adversity we will see how they respond. My prediction is that they will roll over and die: aka “Dead Pussy walking”!!! -- Keltic Gator, Orange and Blue Hue
  • 11) Auburn - This team is just broken. It can be fixed this season, but it's gonna take some time (read: losses) If the fans can stay off Tuberville's back, he can turn it around. The Iron bowl is all that matters at this point. -- Erik, Deep South Sports
  • Finally, a note to the booing fans: You woke up early on a Saturday to watch Brandon Cox throw interceptions. You’re angry. It’s understandable. You boo him though? Why? Do you think the display of your disproval will motivate him to not throw into double coverage? -- Mark, The Auburner
Arkansas' Earnest Mitchell's helmet assault on an Alabama player:
  • Finally, Ernest Mitchell is going to have to work hard to earn back the respect of fans and teammates after his ejection from Saturday night’s game. Picking up an Alabama offensive lineman’s helmet and hitting his unprotected head with it? What the heck was he thinking? -- TipsterHog, Razorbloggers
  • Britt isn’t innocent here, he was involved in some extracurricular activity on the play, but come on, Ernest. Unless he’s sodomizing your mother on the field right in front of you, there’s no reason to throw a helmet. He literally could have killed him -- The Hog Blogger
Florida's blowout of Tennessee:
  • Why was Florida still throwing deep in the 4th quarter up by 20 plus? Because you were still on the field. This is Sparta. -- Orson Swindle, EDSBS
  • Sure, in “days of yore” there might have been noble, unwritten mercy rules, but in these “days of polls” you had better beat your rivals without the merest glimmer of compassion if you want to get the national media attention necessary to achieve. -- Mergz, Saurian Sagacity
  • 2. Florida. Can't we just skip to the LSU-Florida game now? Please? (Also: 13 points allowed to Ainge and Cutcliffe. With nine new starters. Ye gods.) -- Jerry Hinnen, Joe Cribbs Car Wash
  • No matter, Florida passed its first test in a big way, and anytime you beat Tennessee by margins not see since Herschel Walker was patrolling the SEC, it’s a good weekend. -- Year 2


Joe Blow said...

"You boo him though? Why? Do you think the display of your disproval will motivate him to not throw into double coverage?

I'm going to start out by saying that I'm 100% anti-booing, but I have to disagree with Mark on this one. I think the fans were booing the coaches for keeping Cox in the game after the first pick (not to mention his play in previous games). Booing won't motivate him to not throw into double coverage, but it'll show the bosses on the sidelines that the fans aren't happy. That might have motivated them to play Burns that early in the game.

BestofSEC said...

We have had some booing issues in Kentucky, especially in basketball over the last few years. Every time I make the point that this is counterproductive, I get a similar answer -- "They were really booing the coaches ..."

Maybe it's just me. I would never, ever boo my team for any reason. No dirty laundry on the field of play, so to speak. To me, its just wrong.

But fans do it all the time, really, so maybe it is just me.

Joe Blow said...

Like I said, I'm 100% against it. I just thought the reasoning was wrong. Then again, I'm sure a lot of the people WERE booing Cox. But I agree with you, it is counterproductive. Even if 100% of the boos were directed at Tuberville, Cox will think they're all on him.

BestofSEC said...

Yeah, that's exactly how I see it.

I remember when some Wildcat fans booed Sheray Thomas, then later claimed they were booing Tubby Smith's decision to put him in. I don't know, how would that kid know that?