Friday, September 21, 2007

Big games around the SEC this weekend

Well, Saturday is tomorrow, and there are a number of particularly meaningful games on tap:

  1. Georgia at Alabama - Mark Richt and company really need this game. Not only is Alabama a rival, they were expected to be in a rebuilding stage this year, while Georgia was supposed to be making a triumphant return from last year's irrelevance. This game means way more to Richt than Saban.
  2. Arkansas State at Tennessee - Phil Fulmer's seat will approach the heat level of a fusion reaction if he loses this game. Unfortunately, Arkansas State is no cupcake.
  3. South Carolina at LSU - Nobody expects the OBC to go into Death Valley and come out victorious. The biggest question I have is can the Gamecocks cross the goal line?
  4. Kentucky at Arkansas - Kentucky created a national stir by beating top ten Louisville. If they beat Arkansas, SEC East opponents will be in the uncharacteristic position of actually having to worry about the Wildcats. All the remaining big boys in the SEC have to come to Kentucky this year, with the exception of South Carolina.
  5. New Mexico State at Auburn - Tubberville is in one hell of spot right now. Unfortunately, the Aggies look better on paper than the Tigers, and former Kentucky coach Hal Mumme is at the reigns for NM State. We know Mumme's teams can score, and we also know that so far, Auburn can't.
What the SEC blogs are saying:

Georgia at Alabama



Arkansas State at Tennessee


South Carolina at LSU

South Carolina:


Kentucky at Arkansas



New Mexico State at Auburn