Saturday, July 7, 2007

Around the SEC Blogosphere for Saturday.

Just a quick perusal around the SEC blogs today, we find a few articles of interest. First, we slide on down to Gainesville to see what's up with the national champion Florida Gators (notice, I don't even have to specify the sport this year).

Swampball has an NBA Summer League Update that takes a look at how the Gators are doing after the draft fallout, especially the second rounders and undrafted.

Continuing with the Florida theme, Orange and Blue Hue has an article about the unfortunate and untimely demise of Avery Atkins. Atkins, despite his huge talent, had a history of problems off the field, and left the team in 2006. Gatorpilot, the blogger, had this to say:

Kids are supposed to get a few chances to get on track, to get things sorted out, to re-prioritize, to focus. To grow into adults. To become parents. To live their lives.

Avery ran out of chances. That’s no one’s fault but his own. But he was just a kid. Don’t lose sight of that fact.

A sad story, indeed.

Georgia blogger T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports has a recent post taking SEC coaches Phillip Fulmer of Tennessee and Les Miles of LSU to task over recent condescending remarks they made to the quality of other conferences. King has some advice for both coaches, which I think they should take:
Stop it. Stop that nonsense right now. If you want to say the S.E.C. is the toughest conference in college football, fine; if you want to say that, this year, the league is tougher at the top than any other, there's a pretty good case to be made for that proposition, although these things change more rapidly than one might expect.

This business about there being one or two or four good teams in other B.C.S. conferences, though, is just dumb.


Moving on up to Tennessee, Rocky Top Talk has a post by one of their diarists that looks at Phillip Fulmer's decaying standing in the eyes of UT fans, by examining the low expectations both among the media and, apparently, some of the fans as well.

Fulmer's Belly has a post entitled Kentucky… To Love… or Hate… that looks at the UK-UT relationship and the rivalry that has sprung from it. Kentucky blogger Truzenzuzex reciprocates at A Sea of Blue.

At the AOL Fanhouse, Ryan Ferguson has this article about Billy Gillispie, the new UK coach, and the apparent coaching rivalry that is developing between Gillispie and his former mentor, Bill Self of Kansas.

Alabama blog The Capstone Report is predicting the SEC west. Return to Sender has more commentary on the Les Miles debacle.

That's all for now. Enjoy!


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