Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday: Kentucky, LSU, and Tennessee

Today will be my last post of this week, because I have a big golf match tomorrow that will extend from around 6:00 AM until about 9:00 tomorrow night. I won't be in any shape to write after this marathon, so look for my next post on Monday.


Geaux Tuscaloosa examines the LSU players chosen to the SEC coach's pre-season all-SEC team. Overall, he is satisfied with the selections, but has a few quibbles with them.

LSU Football Analysis has a list of teams he likes and one of teams he doesn't. I'm pleased to find the Kentucky Wildcats on his "like" list and just as pleased to find the utterly overhyped USC on his "dislike" list.


Looser With Socks takes a long hard look at Florida's football team from a UT fan's perspective. LWS finds their defense insufficient, and like most of us, wonders if Meyer's whole "two quarterback" thing makes sense.

He can’t be serious. And if he is, who is the foil to Tebow? Will it be Cameron Newton? Or Gatorade National Player of the Year John Brantley? Or what about juco transfer Bryan Waggener? If I were Urban Meyer, I’d be careful not to overthink last year’s success. At some point, your offense needs a proven signal caller to provide consistency and continuity to the unit.

Jon at Fulmer's Belly wonders who he should hate more, Les Miles or Nick Saban. Read the whole thing for his conclusions.

Joel at Rocky Top Talk has a post full of Tennessee links.


Matt Jones at KSR
asks "Who are these guys" and lists a who's who of UK basketball unknowns.

John Clay's Sidelines blog has UK as the trendy pick to upset Louisville:

Despite all that, there is a common thread that runs the pre-season projections this 2007 college football pre-season: Kentucky will upset Louisville on Sept. 15. Such a rarity is fast becoming the trendy pick among those trying to get a jump on which way the grid winds might blow this campaign.

A Sea of Blue looks at UK's basketball sophomores:
No one would have believed in the euphoria of 2004's monster recruiting class that coming out of 2005-2006, Kentucky would have added only one other recruit that lasted more than one season, and that player, Jarred Carter, would play a total of 100 minutes in two full seasons. By the time the 2005-06 season was over, the Big Blue Nation was deep in the funk of a season in Hell. Despite the heroics of Patrick Sparks and Bobby Perry against the talented Connecticut Huskies, Kentucky fans did not need Billy Packer and Dick Vitale to tell us our team badly needed help -- it was obvious to anyone with any interest in the college game.
Read the whole thing.