Saturday, July 7, 2007


Welcome to the Best of the SEC Blogs!

So what are we doing here? Well, Best of the SEC Blogs is kind of a metablog, or "blog of blogs". What we intend to do is scan the Southeastern Conference blogosphere for the best, most cogent and interesting of commentary on SEC sports. We will also be offering commentary on select posts from SEC blog sites, and hopefully tie it all together into a running conversation that will offer interest and value to all fans of SEC sports.

Our major focus will be on football, basketball and baseball in the schools of the Southeastern Conference. We will not ignore major stories in other sports or other conferences, but our main focus will be on the SEC, the best conference in all of college sports. The blog will be updated often, and we hope you will join the conversation.

So once again, welcome. Look for frequent updates in this space as we get the blog rolling. Thanks for coming by!


SEC Sports Report said...

Great site. Check out when you get a chance.

Go Cats!

BestofSEC said...

Thanks a lot, guys.

You're right, it is a great site.

BestofSEC said..., I mean ... :-)

Mine hopes to be great one day. :-)