Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday: More items of interest

A few more items of interest from around the SEC blogosphere this morning.

First, the College Football Experts blog ranks the SEC football teams from top to bottom in each division, and names an overall champion. He has some interesting takes, particularly in the West, where he puts Alabama and Auburn at #2 and #3 behind LSU:

2. Auburn: Auburn deserves some kudos for upgrading their non-conference schedule. Home games against decent BCS opponents in South Florida and Kansas State are an upgrade over the 2004 schedule that left them out of the national championship picture. However, the SEC slate doesn't work in Auburn's favor this year. Auburn has to travel to Baton Rouge, Gainesville, Fayetville, and Athens this season. The SEC home slate is a cake-walk for a team with Auburn's talent hosting Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt. The Iron Bowl show-down is another question mark. In rivalry games, anything can happen. Auburn will likely finish 2 or 3 losses this season. But with their schedule, that is no small feat. Most teams would go 7-5. However, Auburn needs to watch in the rear-view window because another program is rolling (no pun intended) ahead full-steam..
See if you can guess who he thinks is in Auburn's rear view mirror.

Via Recruiting Wars, CSTV basketball recruiting guru Van Coleman has a list of the top 40 roundball recruiting classes this year, and no less than 5 SEC teams made the grade. And you thought football around here was tough...

Finally, Keltic Gator at Orange and Blue Hue says that the SEC basketball powers, old and new, may be moot:
With all the banter on this site between Florida as the most recent dominant team in the SEC and nationally and Kentucky as the old guard looking to return to the glory days of the past, another traditional program is quite possibly going to surpass them both. That team is the UCLA Bruins.
Read the whole thing.