Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday: Some changes

After playing around with this, I have decided that this place would probably work better if I just stick to two or three different schools per day. That way, I'll be able to guarantee coverage of every SEC school and their blogs each week, and provide a little time for me to comment on the SEC in general.

So starting from scratch, let's look today at Mississippi State, Alabama, and Auburn.

First, MSU. Mississippi State Basketball has a couple of new posts up: Hopson at the Lebron James Academy Skills Camp and Barry Stewart - The Ice Man. One looks at a new player (Scotty Hopson, 2008) and the other at sophomore-to-be Barry Stewart. On the football side, Campus Pigskin asks if MSU coach Sylvester Croom is on the hot seat, and gives some good reasons why he should be given more time. A Mississippi Writer gives us a quick rundown on the MSU football season.

The Alabama Basketball Blog notes that Yamene Coleman arrested and charged with 8 counts. The Tide Druid gives us his hopes for the 2007-2008 season, which includes this beauty:

Hope #5: Nick Saban eats a Dreamland rib on the jumbotron before running onto the field. I know Saban’s contract states that he doesn’t have to do certain endorsements. Having said that, I think he could really get the crowd pumped up when he steps out with a Dreamland bib and a plate of juicy, tender ribs that almost melt right off of the bone during the first bite. They taste so moist and delicious that….. uhhh, oh yeah….. Saban needs to eat a rib on the big screens.
Saban could do worse.

Finally, Jerry Hinnen of Joe Cribbs Car Wash delivers a Fisking of the Montgomery Adviser's Josh Moon, and places the mainstream sports media on notice. A must read for Auburn fans.