Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday: Shorter SEC?

The Alabama Basketball Blog says that the SEC will be fielding shorter lineups this year in basketball, starting with Kentucky. As a UK fan, I can agree that we may well have a shorter starting 5, especially if the new coach decides to try to get the five best players on the floor at the same time, rather than the five best position players. Obvioiusly, 7'3" Jarred Carter's availability will impact whether or not this happens.

Oh, and ABB has a picture of Ashley Judd up, which is never a bad thing.

Looser with Socks thinks we owe Lee Corso a debt of gratitude:

If Lee Corso was a tool he would be a toilet brush because he has cleaned up the mess known as West Virginia. He is like the best tool ever!

Lee Corso sent the Mountaineer nation a crystal clear message: The Big East doesn’t have ‘what’ the SEC has….and that ‘what’ is Tradition. What did Lee Corso do? He performed what is known in Morgantown as a “stumpbreaking”. He just stumpbroke Slaton and White’s Heisman(eer) chances. Corso basically said “I’m the man, let me Repeat, I am the man. Got my own cheerleaders, Nike clothes, TV show. I am the man.” Try again next year WVU with Noel Devine….that is if Devine isn’t working at Taco Bell.

He thinks maybe Corso is still holding a grudge for being passed over by the Mountaineers a few years back -- but then again, maybe it is part of "the narrative" that Kyle King was talking about in his now-famous essay smacking down the Worldwide Leader (note: this one is a bit long -- two cups of coffee at least).

Ole Miss had some really good news on the basketball front today: Malcom White, a class of 2008 recruit, is apparently eligible for 2007. White is a top 100 player according to Rivas. Is that the return of some hair on the top of Anthony Kennedy's head?

The Tide Druid asks, "Is Saban a Hired Gun?" He persuasively makes the case that virtually all college coaches qualify for that moniker.

Cock & Fire reviews ESPN's College Football Live. Did you know it is "interactive?" If you didn't, don't worry -- the helpful folks at the Worldwide Leader will remind you!

Alabama Gameday gives us "A Poster's Guide to Message Boards" for Tide fans. Here are a few of the helpful suggestions for becoming a better poster:

It's never too late to criticize Coach Shula's play calling.

Be righteously indignant, regardless of the topic. Try to misspell one word in each post.

Correct someone else's spelling. How else will they learn?

In the process of grilling? Don't keep it a secret! Today's energy-efficient grills make it difficult to detect smoke on the horizon.
The Geaux Show's Carey Montz is taking on all the recent scandals in professional sports: Barry Bonds, Michael Vick, and the NBA officiating scandal.

Gregg Ellis/Mississippi State gets back to work -- and meets with MSU running back Anthony Dixon. He says a story will be forthcoming in today's Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, and lo and behold, he was right.

The Bulldawg Blog is suffering from an attack of psychic malaise brought on by the Michael Vick indictment. Visit his blog and make him feel better by reminding him that Georgia should have a pretty good year in sports -- the football and basketball teams are expected to be much improved.

Finally, Todd at Roll 'Bama Roll takes a look at Georgia's offense, and says their backfield is loaded, their line, not so much.


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