Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday: Closing out the week with a bang

So Saturday, we wrap up this week's look at the SEC bloggers by traveling down to Gainesville for the Gators, to Baton Rouge for the LSU Tigers, and just 60 miles up I-64 for me to the Kentucky Wildcats.

First, to the national champs, who have some of the most passionate fans and best bloggers around.

The Gator Blog looks at Urban Meyer's decision to do the whole dual quarterback thing again this year, and calls it a recipe for disaster.

Orange and Blue has a couple of excellent posts this week. The first one asks the question "Is Florida an elite program" with respect to basketball (I don't think there is any question they are an elite program in football). The author, KelticGator, makes a compelling argument based on an analysis done over at Rush The Court. As a Kentucky fan, it is hard for me to ignore my bias on who is "elite" in college basketball and who isn't, but I think it is fair to say that even if Florida isn't an elite program in terms of history, you would have to consider them in the same breath as the historically elite programs during the time frame that Rush The Court looks at.

RTC segregates the successful programs into 3 tiers, with Florida winding up in the third tier along with Connecticut, a category he calls the "nuveaux riche". I think he generally gets it right, and certainly Florida deserves to be counted among the most successful teams in the nation since 1985.

Swamp Ball notes that Corey Brewer is rollin' in the dough and asks "Are you ready for some football ?"

Heading on over to that other state where a gator might get'cha, let's see what the Bayou Bengals of LSU have been blogging about.

CFB Report has a fake interview with LSU coach Les Miles. Pretty funny.

Geaux Tuscaloosa has a look at some highly-rated 2008 recruits who are considering playing for the Tigers. The post includes lots of great details and even some videos. If you are a Tiger fan, or are curious where the putative 2007 SEC champs are headed, take a look. The Tiger Stop is talking recruiting, too -- just keep scrolling.

Finally, we head from down on the bayou to up in the Bluegrass, where the University of Kentucky bloggers know no bounds.

Wildcats Thunder is burning up the UK 'sphere with three outstanding posts: A UK Football recruiting update, a basketball recruiting update, and a look at the top five reasons that UK fans should be excited about the football season. These guys are prolific and providing tons of great information. They are simply the best place to go to get UK Wildcat football information, and they are no slouches at basketball, either.

Kentucky Sport Report has this post looking at UK's basketball players individually for next year based on their summer workouts, which is encouraging for UK fans and has to concern the rest of the SEC, who was getting used to treating the Wildcats like just another SEC team for the last couple of years. They also have this post on football, which expresses the continuing concern of the Wildcat faithful about who will be our quarterback next year, or in the event of an injury to Woodson.

Finally Aaron's UK Basketball Blog lists the news of the day, and picks out some interesting nuances of each story. A daily read for Wildcat fans.

So that's it, SEC fans -- A look around the blogosphere for this week. Tomorrow and Monday, we will be offering more commentary on the SEC and its teams, with emphasis on Football, since that season is fast approaching.