Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday: Wednesday? What Wednesday?

Real life kind of interfered with my Wednesday post, so, well, there just isn't one, okay? But have no fear, I won't be abandoning this blog anytime soon.

Let's see, who shall we look at today, hmm... How about Ole Miss, South Carolina, and Vanderbilt? Sounds good. Let's see what we have, shall we?

First, let's head down to Columbia and see what the Gamecock bloggers are up to these days.

Third Down Draw has a 2007 preview of the Gamecock offense. As is often the case with all but the very top of the SEC, the Gamecocks have offensive line issues. Blake Mitchell is poised for a good year, and he notes correctly that Good Blake is often followed by Bad Blake. But if the O-line works out, we could be seeing a lot of Good Blake this year. Be sure to read the rest.

Carolina Football with Joe Person, another USC (the real USC, not those sissies over on the left coast :) ) blogger, gives us an update on the status of highly-touted freshman linebacker Melvin Ingram. Apparently, Ingram has been admitted to school, but they are still awaiting approval from, you guessed it, the NCAA clearinghouse. Read the whole thing. Cock & Fire also covers the Ingram story.

Moving on to Ole Miss, we find ... well, not a lot of Ole Miss bloggers out there that I can find, but I have found a couple (Bleg: If you are an Ole Miss blogger, or know some Ole Miss bloggers, please leave their URL in the comments -- I'd appreciate it).

Jason's Jumbled Jargon has this post looking at the Ole Miss Rebels team. He says he is going to be closely following the QB battle in Oxford, and has a long look at the three contenders for the job. He also thinks that the wide receivers are a major question mark for the Rebs this year.

I don't know if he's an Ole Miss fan or not (I kinda doubt it), but Dan Kadar's Blog has an excellent look at the Rebs for 2007. He highlights many of the same things JJJ notes above, plus a few extras.

Finally, we ease down I-64 (from my vantage point, anyway) to the land of the Commodores of Vanderbilt University.

Michael O'Neill Journalism wants to be a consolidated archive of the sports articles he will be writing about the Vanderbilt football team over the coming months. We'll be keeping an eye on that.

Nasville Ballerz, a sports blog of the Nashville City Paper, is still doing the baseball thing, and why not? Vanderbilt is absolutely one of the best college baseball teams in the nation. It's hard to blame them for sticking to what they do best, but I'm sure there will be more football and basketball related content as the summer moves on.

Vanderbilt Sports Line is a true Vandy sports blog, and finds Fox Sports recent review of the Commodores football team so glowing, they are thinking of making Fox Sports the official Vanderbilt Apologist News Service.

So there we are, SEC fans. A run down of our three schools for today. More to follow soon.