Friday, July 20, 2007

Dennis Dodd: 'Bama beneath Big East coach's notice

The Memphis Tider just pointed me to this article by CBS Sportsline's Dennis Dodd. Dodd absolutely take a big, steaming grunt on the Tide, disrespecting them in a way that will no doubt enrage the Elephants.

As a Kentucky fan, I know exactly what it's like to be in the crosshairs of the media, and to have to face the dreaded "nobody wants to coach you guys anymore, your fans are just to demented". Been there, done that. I think most Kentucky fans totally feel 'Bama fan's pain on this, and when a sportswriter like Dodd takes shots at them, I want to join Memphis Tider and take a shot back.

But that isn't all. Dodd not only defecates on the Tide, he disses the entire SEC by suggesting that the Big East is king and the SEC is yesterday's news -- citing the fact that some current Big East coaches turned down the opportunity to coach at mighty Alabama as proof.

Dodd is just trying to stir the pot, but he has succeeded with me. The Big East isn't even a particularly tough basketball conference by SEC standards, so I don't want to hear this guy laud their football program. I figure UK would have a shot at 9-3 if we were playing Louisville's schedule instead of ours -- that means 'Bama would likely do better, possibly a lot better.

Dodd is full of it.