Monday, July 9, 2007

Manic Monday: Early Takes

Monday morning, and all is well as we careen toward the SEC football season. So what's the latest?

As you might expect, LSU football coach Les Miles' less than politic comments about the Pac 10 continues to resonate throughout the blogosphere. LSUPHOOTBALL offers a spirited defense of Miles' remarks, and as you might expect, blames the sports media in no small part for the brouhaha. He even takes issue with Dawg Sports Kyle King over his remarks about the recent spate of SEC coach chest-thumping. A good read from the other side of the argument.

Continuing on with the LSU theme, Roll 'Bama Roll has an excellent post looking at the LSU offense through the eyes of an Alabama fan.

The Capstone Report has this post discussing Saban's impact on Alabama football so far, including a couple of links. Memphis Tider says "Mondays are my enemy", but manages to muddle through. Fox Sports Pete Fiutak says Vanderbilt needs to beat the Tide to get to a bowl, and Memphis Tider isn't buying it:

Apparently, if Vandy wants to go to a bowl game for the first time since 1982, they can't afford to lose to Alabama. Sounds like horse crap to me.
Yeah, kinda sounds like it to me, also.

Moving on to Tennessee, Ryan Ferguson at AOL Fanhouse had this post of a few days ago telling us that Phillip Fulmer is #1 on the hot seat list, not just in the SEC, but in the entire nation. Does this kind of remind you of a certain former Kentucky basketball coach last year? Meanwhile, Fulmer's Belly relives the Worst Best Game Ever… . LooserWithSocks has a comprehensive list of QBs to watch when practice starts.

Turning to the Georgia Bulldogs, Kyle King at Dawg Sports continues to "dawg" Les Miles, along with some other goodies in his morning post. The Bulldawg Blawg links to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article that links 20 reasons why Georgia Tech won't be better than Georgia.

Finally, a quick trip down to South Carolina where Cock & Fire asks how far coaches should go to bail out a recruit or a player when they get caught up in legal problems. Well written and recommended.