Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday: Some of this, some of that

Well, now Rich Brooks has gone and done it. He has joined Les Miles and Nick Saban in firing a broadside at non-SEC conferences. This time, he joins Miles in dissing the Pac-10:

LSU Coach Les Miles isn’t the only member of the SEC coaching fraternity who believes the conference is better than the Pac-10 in football.

Kentucky Coach Rich Brooks said the same thing Wednesday. And he’s a Pac-10 alumnus.
Well, at least Brooks has coached there. He can claim some first hand (if rather distant) knowledge. Can a good scolding by Kyle King of Dawg Sports be far behind?

But Rich Brooks isn't the only coach with foot-in-mouth disease:
“I really admire what Kentucky did last year; go 8-5 and win the bowl game. We thought we did something big beating Clemson, then Kentucky beat them also.”
Uh ... what are you trying to tell us there, Coach -- if the Wildcats beat you, you suck? Well, you can't blame him too much. It's true more often than not.

The SEC Commissioner says he likes the idea of a "Plus one" game where the two highest ranked football teams after the bowls would play in a national championship game:

RMINGHAM — SEC commissioner Mike Slive acknowledged a growing movement to study a national championship game.
While it’s no playoff, it’s being called the “plus-one” game. After the completion of the bowls, the hope is to pair the top two teams for a national title.

“We in the SEC are very open-minded about a plus-one format, and we plan to carefully evaluate it over the next year,” Slive said.
Luke Winn at Sports Illustrated has an article today that looks at what is considered "cheating", and what is not cheating.

Some of this stuff is almost funny, but really, the NCAA needs to look at getting rid of some of the smarmier practices that are still legal, i.e. hiring a family member of a recruit for a job within the basketball program, or paying high school coaches of recruits to speak at the recruiting university's summer camps.

According to the Hawg Blawg, Patrick Beverly, University of Arkansas guard playing on the under-19 Team USA, is busting out. Beverly has been putting up big numbers for the U-19's, and looks like a favorite to lead the Hogs in scoring next year.

Joe Cribs Car Wash has some choice words for Peter Holliday's recent series at AOL Fanhouse about the Top 10 "dirtiest" football programs of the last 20 years:
According to NCAA By-Law #3962-C, I refuse to give the first crap. So King Crimson is already winning enemies and influencing recruits, and he wants to know (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding. So certain Internet windbags think Auburn is either the eighth- or second-dirtiest program around. I get the feeling I'm supposed to care. I don't. Both programs are off probation and despite the gibbering regarding Saban's secondary violations, they're both likely to stay that way. When this sort of stuff makes the slightest difference on the field again, then let me know about it.
Ouch. Now tell us what you really think.


The Capstone Report takes serious umbrage to a guy named John Longshore, who apparently spiraled into a rant about Alabama fans, referring to them as "Bammers", which is evidently a pejorative term in 'Bama sports vernacular.

Apparently, Longshore was inconvenienced by Alabama fans looking for a Saban autograph at SEC Media Days. The Capstone Report wonders why Longshore can't show a little forbearance:
Here is news for Longshore and his other media types: Fans are fans. Are any of us shocked when lines form outside a rock concert? Are we outraged when people press politicians for an autograph?

Of course not. We expect fans to be excited. So, Alabama fans are excited. Longshore and others need to deal with it.

I think the Capstone Report has a point.