Friday, August 10, 2007

Catching up a bit

Yesterday was one of those days where I simply couldn't get everything done, and so I wasn't able to update this place. Well, life happens, I suppose.

But Saturday is another day, and a day off at that. So it's time for me to take a look around and see who has been excellent while I have been ... well, not.

Needless to say, this will be a rather lengthy post.

  • Year 2 (Florida) continues his season analysis. Check out how your favorite team stacks up against the Gators (assuming, of course, they are on the schedule).

  • Bobo at WorldClassGlass (Ole Miss) notes this Andy Katz article over at ESPN. Apparently, some teams in the SEC like to play little pre-game games to annoy the visitors. Fortunately, the SEC isn't anywhere near the worst offender of this sort. Some of these "annoyances" are pretty unsportsmanlike, if you ask me.

  • Bobby O'Shea at Vanderbilt Sports Line has a schedule preview for Vandy. He has Vandy beating such worthies as Alabama, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Wake Forest. With all due respect, I think optimism has gotten the better of him. But who knows?

  • Tiger Tales (Auburn) blogs about Auburn's role in the college loan scandal for which it received a demand for documents from the NY Attorney General. Auburn is claiming no direct relationship with UFS.

  • The Valiant Underdog (Vanderbilt) blogs about a Steve Megargee article on Yahoo! Sports listing three Commodores among the "best players you've never seen". He thinks this bodes well for Vanderbilt's season.

  • The Cover Two (Georgia) thinks maybe Dawg fans should consider some sacrifices to the gods for intervention in this year's football season. He says Kyle King of Dawg Sports (Georgia) made him do it.

  • There is little doubt that the Houston Nutt drama in Fayetteville is beginning to wear on the psyche of Arkansas fans. Razorback fans should be in hog heaven over Darren McFadden's Heisman bid, and the promise of some exciting football this season, but the coach's on and off the field newsmaking is beginning to take a toll.

    The Hog Blogger (Arkansas) has had it with the Days of our Nutt, and says that it's time for him to go:
    Today’s been a rough day for Hog fans. Any doubt we once had that nothing was afoot in Fayetteville can essentially be tossed out the window. We’ve tried to stay positive. We’ve tried to give Houston a break at times, hard as it’s been. After today, though, we’re done. Win or lose, Houston Nutt is a distraction, and is hurting the program. We understand that there are 20 oral commitments at stake. We understand there is a race for the Heisman Trophy set to begin in a little over three weeks. And yes, for the millionth time, Nutt defenders, we understand that this team won 10 games last season. However, we will not stand here and tolerate this ridiculous conspiring, blatant rule-breaking, rumoring, intimidation, and all-around absurdity.
    Hat tip: Razorback Blogs

  • Todd at Roll 'Bama Roll (Alabama) also gets in on the Houston Nutt act.

  • Now, for something completely different. TonyOrlando at Alabama Gameday creates a competition between the SEC East and West fan bases, ranking them on some ... unique criteria.

  • Loser with Socks' Jai Eugene (Tennessee) says Gator fans are starting to think Tim Tebow is engaging in some serious suckage, and provides evidence.

  • Heisman Pundit (Unknown fan affiliation) gets in on ranking the conferences. His conclusion, like mine, was that the SEC was tops, but not by itself. His analysis is a lot more sophisticated than the effort I put forth.

  • Travis at Hail Dear Ole State (MSU) doubts Sylvester Croom's hype about the team this year. He says Croom's statement is really putting he and his coaches on the line.

  • Senator Blutarsky at Get the Picture and Kyle King of Dawg Sports (Georgia) take Stewart Mandel's recent column asserting Georgia isn't a national power any more to task.

  • Jon at Fulmer's Belly (Tennessee) finishes ranking the SEC quarterbacks.

  • Paul Westerdawg at Georgia Sports Blog (Georgia) says Mark Richt is channeling Rodney Dangerfield (as Thorton Melon). Orson Swindle at EDSBS invokes Galactus and the Silver Surfer.

  • The Gamecock faithful have been in high dudgeon over Steve Spurrier's recent comments to the media bemoaning South Carolina's admissions policy. Scott Hood at Gamecock Central tells Gamecock fans to chill, all will be well:

    I’ve even seen posts bemoaning the prospect of Spurrier eventually departing USC over the issue.

    If you’re one of those people, I offer this: Don’t worry, be happy.

    Spurrier isn’t going anywhere.
    Cock -n- Fire wonders what USC's current admission policy is supposed to be accomplishing:
    The job of a public university is not to weed out undesirable students who are otherwise qualified out of some vague notion that they might not be able to graduate. Granted, the school can't graduate for the student, but the university is supposed to provide the resources necessary for the student to graduate. If no more than six out of every 10 students walk off your campus with a diploma within six years of beginning classes, something is wrong with the system, not the students.
    I think he's right.

  • Finally, The Capstone Report (Alabama) says that Nick Saban is really pissing him off. Pay no attention to the tongue behind the cheek.