Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Late Night Blogging

Careening toward the first kickoff of 2007, there are several interesting items today that deserve some attention.

The Alabama bloggers are up in arms about the Simeon Castille arrest. There is so much coverage of this story, I'm going to do a quick list of the best:

Moving on, our next stop is College Football Resource, who was voted the #2 Football Blog by SI on Campus. Not only that, but he has his usual Tuesday pundit roundup, which is not to be missed. In this week's edition, he calls the Pat Forde article about football in the South "Pure poppycock." Read the whole thing.

Jon at Fulmer's Belly continues his ranking of SEC coaches. It's a bit of a surprise to find Phillip Fulmer ranked only 8th, and Kentucky's Rich Brooks ranked higher than Urban Meyer and Houston Nutt. With all the BS Nutt went through earlier this year, and all the crap that fell out of his pie hole, I can't quite believe he ranks below Brooks. And Brooks getting gigged for touting his team, well -- that just ain't right, Jon! Fulmer's Belly also thoughtfully plugs Best of the SEC Blogs. Thanks, Jon!

Heisman Pundit has a roundup of college football, and it is well worth reading. It seems that the Big 10 commissioner suggested that the SEC had lower academic standards than the Big 10, and maybe that's why the SEC has so much speed. HP mocks both the SEC and the Big 10 in two paragraphs. And they said it couldn't be done ...

Kyle Veazey reminds us that Leonard Postosties is no longer with us. I miss that guy also.

Nixforsix at Old School Nasty continues his review of SEC schedules, this time it's LSU. The Bayou Bengals aught to like what he has to say in this one.


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