Friday, August 24, 2007

Periodic bleg

One of the missions of this blog (a blog with a mission? -Ed.) is to try to maintain as comprehensive a list as possible of SEC related blogs. It is a bigger job than I thought, because the Internet is, well, a big place.

It is so big, in fact, that I have to periodically enlist some help from people who read us. That's the point of this particular post. If you know of an SEC-related blog not listed on my blogroll to the left, or you are a new SEC blogger, please drop me a note at, and I will get your site into my feed reader and on my blogroll.

On another administrative subject, those of you who read this blog will note that some schools get more tags than others. Quite simply, some schools have a really outstanding blog presence online, and I am not really an "affirmative action" blogger -- the best of the day in my opinion usually gets a mention. Not always -- occasionally when a school hasn't been mentioned for a while, I make a point to link one of their blogs. Also, I don't really do message boards unless they also have a blog, so schools with a really strong message board presence but a weak blog presence are obviously underrepresented.

But the goal, obviously, is to notice the best or the most interesting out there, while tying to maintain some semblance of egalitarianism. It is a tricky balancing act, and is turning out to be tougher than I thought. So for those out there blogging excellence who think I am ignoring you, be patient. There is a man, not a machine, behind this thing, and I'm giving it my best.