Thursday, August 30, 2007

Game Day: Best of the SEC

Today is game day for Mississippi State and LSU, and the kickoff for the 2007 football season. Today, we'll be looking at the teams who have the biggest games this week: MSU, Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia, and LSU.

Kyle Veazey is excited about the new Wendy's in Starkville, but less than thrilled about the Dawgs vs. the Tigers. Jeremy at Mississippi State Sports Blog is more more upbeat, and has links to MSU's game notes for both State and LSU. Travis at Hail Dear 'Ole State scoffs at MSU coach Sylvester Croom's rationalization for dressing out the Dawgs in white uniforms.

On the LSU side, Richard Pittman at Geaux Tuscaloosa describes his game routine. Tigersmack does the Garfield/Les Miles cartoon thing.

Will Collier at From The Bleachers looks forward at Auburn's team, the schedule, and Kansas State. Auburn91 at Track Em Tigers takes a long look at K-State from soup to nuts, and pronounces Saturday's game as likely to be a "low-scoring slugfest."

Jon at Fulmer's Belly is concerned about Erik Ainge's broken pinkie finger. He notes the Florida game falls square in the middle of Ainge's recovery schedule. I think he'd better worry about Cal. Jai Eugene at Loser with Socks does enough tongue-in-cheek worrying for both of them, though. Meanwhile, Joel at Rocky Top Talk has a more serious look at the game, with some help from the Cal blog, The Band is Out on the Field. And Doug Coffin at The Power T measures the heat of Phil Fulmer's seat, and does it in style.

Finally, we look at what will be happening between the hedges in Athens on Saturday. Macondawg at Dawg Sports suggests a special cocktail to commemorate the occasion. Ludakit at the Dawg-gone Blog is more circumspect, and takes a look at the things the Dawgs need to do to win. David Ching at the Georgia Bulldog Blog examines a spreadsheet sent to him by an OSU fan, and analyzes the analysis.

Good luck to all the SEC schools in their first test. May you be injury free and play your best.


Ludakit said...

Hey I appreciate the link and thanks for the rundown of what's happening around the SEC. Love the site!

BestofSEC said...

Hey, no worries! And thanks.

Glad you stopped by. Keep up the good work.

Joe Blow said...

Great site! It's definitely in my favorites now.