Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Fun & Games

I have to step up and defend the Kentucky Wildcat's honor here. Larry Vettel wrote today for that Florida faces more top 20 ranked teams than anyone

Florida State will open the season ranked No. 19 despite tough times in Tallahassee in recent years. That means Florida will face FIVE of the top-20 teams. That’s more than anyone else will have to go up against. It puts into perspective the need to have two or three home wins you can count on, doesn’t it.

I hate to break it to Larry, but the Kentucky Wildcats face no less than five top 20 teams themselves based on the most recent poll: LSU, Florida, Louisville, Georgia, Tennessee. In fact, Kentucky faces three of the current top ten: LSU, Florida and Louisville. Throw in Arkansas at #21, and frankly, I think UK's is "bigger" than Florida's in this dimension.

In other UK-related news, Lexington Herald-Leader and Rich Brooks critic John Clay asks if there is any more room aboard the Brooks Bandwagon. Sure, John -- jump right on. And here is a little salt and pepper for that crow ...

BamaMag writes that Alabama point guard Ronald Steele, still not 100% after off-season surgery, will not be playing much in Canada. Instead, Mikhail Torrance is likely to step in, along with others.

Seems like the Pac 10 teams are so enamored of USC, they are giving up before the season even begins. Jeez, guys, get a freaking testosterone injection, willya?

Richard Pittman at Geaux Tuscaloosa has a warning for Alabama fans:
If Bama is going to have to win with offense, they're going to find that harder than they think. I don't think they're scoring 45 points on SEC teams, and may have trouble holding the better offenses in the league to less than 30.
That's likely to be right. Although, I really don't think Alabama will be that bad defensively. They have serious questions, though, especially against the run.

Jai Eugene at Loser with Socks thinks the Gators aught to be #1 till someone proves they can beat them. I think this argument actually has some merit, but I'm sure the media types who vote in the poll won't see it.