Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Notes on the SEC blogosphere

Warning: If you are a consumer of blogs, but otherwise don't care about them, this will bore you a bit. This post is directed more at bloggers themselves, so to those of you who find such minutiae boring, I promise to offer more meat and potatoes later.

Since I have been writing this blog (i.e. almost a whole month now), it has been interesting to me to observe the relative strength of each SEC school's blogospheres. I suppose, as a Kentucky fan, I had certain expectations -- UK has a rather notorious online presence of which I am often proud, but which almost as often leaves me chagrined. Having been steeped in the UK world for years, I was concerned about how I would react to covering other schools on an equal-time basis.

However, looking around at other SEC school fan blogs, I have been impressed and pleased with the strength, quality and production of a good many of them. Of course, this is football season, and if you live in the south where football is king, it is not unreasonable to expect a lot of passion, and passion leads to good writing. It will be instructive to see how the quality and depth of the commentary changes as the year grows older and basketball comes to the fore.

For my part, I am always looking for more blogs to add to my feed reader. I consume at least 200 blog posts per day in an effort to locate what I consider to be the most interesting commentary about SEC schools out there. I try to be fair as far as linking schools about the same number of times, but I am finding that to be more and more difficult -- some schools simply have way more people writing about them, and therefore, the odds of finding an interesting/insightful/compelling post among the more prolific teams is obviously greater.

With all that said, I am still "finding my groove" when it comes to these compilations, so if some of my choices seem arbitrary or biased, I can only say that I do the best I can to be fair. As a Kentucky fan, you can probably expect me to overcompensate and link fewer worthy UK blog posts, because I don't want this blog to be about UK first and everyone else second. So if you are aware of a post you think I have overlooked, please bring it to my attention. The old saying is, "If you don't toot your own horn, who will?" My experience is that very few blog authors count shyness among their defining characteristics.

As I say, it is my intention to be fair, but trust me, our biases and preferences have a way of manifesting themselves, unless of course, we happen to be MSM'ers, who are apparently anointed with the badge of "impartial journalist" by the spirit of Edward R. Murrow himself. At least, according to them. Myself, I'd rather just say, "Hey guys and gals; UK fan here, trying to be objective." Your mileage may vary.

Anyway, I have enjoyed this little blogging adventure so far. I hope I can keep up the pace, especially now that football season is about to burst upon us. There will soon be actual games, and I expect, controversy. I can hardly wait.


LeftLeaningLady said...

You are doing a great job so far. I have added you to my favorites. I am a Gator fan (actually got engaged at last year's UK game and am getting married during the UK game this year, due to the schedule change), but my blog is not sports specific. I write about whatever I happened to find fascinating that day.

That being said, football is only a few short weeks away! Go Gators!

BestofSEC said...

Well, congratulations on both your betrothal and your marriage!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, and most especially for adding us to your favorites.

Blogs that talk about whatever is interesting are really how blogs started out. They only started to specialize later on, when they became popular.

Hope to see you around again. Best of luck to the Gators this year.